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Yet, the number of winning opportunities has increased dramatically and your chances of collecting a payout are greater. Interestingly enough, NetEnt and Microgaming were among the very first companies to implement the 243-ways-to-win format into the slots they churn out.

Gameplay: How To Play The Genie Jackpots Online Slot

Such slots have not remained off the radar of other software providers, which has led to an immense diversity of options to pick and choose from. With this in mind, it will be best to weigh their strong points and weaknesses before you go about betting on them. Let’s assume you were to hit a lemon symbol at the bottom of the first reel, another lemon symbol in the middle of the second reel, and a third lemon, situated at the top of the third reel. In this case, you are guaranteed a payout as it doesn’t matter where the lemon symbols are positioned as long as they land on adjacent reels. It really is as simple as that, and there is no need to keep track of the paylines, if the slot you have chosen allows for winning combinations in 243 ways. Of course, before they hit the spin button, reel spinners will be required to decide what coin denomination they are most comfortable with, and how many coins they feel like putting on the line per round. Naturally, while playing a slot that offers the 243-ways-to-win format, avid casino fans will not be asked to make a decision about the number of paylines to switch on.

JACKPOT SLOTJACKPOT SIZE & HOW OFTENMega Moolah – MicrogamingOn average, the jackpot is just under £6 million & falls every 4 to 6 weeks. This means that a multi-million-pound jackpot could be paid to you over several months and sometimes years at a casino that limits monthly withdrawals to £10,000 or less.

American Casino Giant Mgm Resorts Makes £8 09bn Takeover Bid For Ladbrokes And Coral Owner Entain

The Dark Knight Rises is played on five reels and of course, offers players 243 winning opportunities. The variety of slots that are based on the 243-ways-to-win style of play is staggering, for which reason gambling enthusiasts might end up bewildered while singling the options out. Still, we have done the heavy lifting, and have compiled a short list of four slot titles that serve as an excellent example of the 243-ways-to-win format. Check them out to figure out if they suit your preferences. Of course, if you want to make sure that you will get an enjoyable slots betting session, the visual presentation and sounds of your slot of choice are two more things that should be taken notice of.

Microgaming casinos, for example, tend to pay their winners in full as soon as possible whatever the amount. So if you land a lucky win while playing Mega Moolah, you can expect your prize to appear in your account within a week or so. Once all the necessary checks are completed, the casino will contact you via your registered phone number to congratulate you with the win. They’ll also give you an overview of how you will receive your money.

As we explained already, all icons in such games function in roughly the same fashion as scatter symbols do because they should not necessarily pop up on one of the paylines so as to award a payoff. In the event that you are looking to learn such slots inside out, you should also know that they are popular with gambling enthusiasts also as all-ways-win slots. For instance, if you play a slot with 15 paylines and bet ten coins with a value of £0.02, your wager per spin will amount to £3.00. But if you opt for a 243-ways-to-win slot, you will be able to cover all possible ways to win with the same bet.

Starburst Big Win With Only Three Lines

It all depends on the casino where you won your jackpot prize. Some casinos may arrange a full transfer to your account within a few weeks, others may take a year or longer. Be sure to read the T&Cs carefully to avoid any disappointment. If you think it’s beneficial, use jackpot tracking tools available online (but don’t rely on these as a guarantee).

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